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Sustainable sport and yoga mats made from recycled plastic bottles and a thin tree rubber layer for the perfect grip. We support projects that are committed to clean our oceans.


atemm = sustainable, zero waste, social responsibility,

high quality, recycling, vegan!

baby, it's out of plastic!

atemm soft sport- & yoga mat


atemm light sport- & yoga mat


atemm glass bottle 700ml


Sustainability- we stay in the constant process to get better. 

Sustainability is such an important theme! Using 100% recycledPET bottles is only one part of our Sustainability strategy. But that's not all!

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Today, there are more than 150 million tonnes of plastic waste in the oceans worldwide. This has devastating effects on our entire earth ecosystem. The topic is important to us and we want to work for something that changes. That is why we not only recycle plastic but also support projects that have set themselves the task of freeing our oceans of plastic waste.

Ocean love <3

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